NHL CBA Talks enter missile crisis stage of Cold War

12:03 PM

A week after NHL leaders filed in federal court to declare the ever maddening lockout legal and also file a charge of unfair labor practice against the player's union, results are in from a week's long vote amongst NHLPA members to grant it's executive board authority on filing a disclaimer of interest and thus dissolve the union. Players voted overwhelmingly in favor of that motion. It would appear we are further on the brink of nuclear options being enacted by both parties which could see the 2012-'13 campaign in ruins and tie up both sides in various class action suits for months to come. A clause in the league's filings last week was beloved to declare all existing player's contracts null and void in such an event as a disclaimer of interest which would be a sort of apocalypse for the sport. Maybe the Mayans were hockey fans? Here's hoping cooler heads prevail.

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