Ducks Ink Star Pair to Max Deals

1:52 PM

Summer 2013's pool of NHL free agents recently got much shallower as the Anaheim Ducks locked up their two highly coveted stars in recent weeks to 8 year max term deals.  NHL Network broke the news last night  that Corey Perry had signed an 8 year extension worth $69 million less than 2 weeks after the club announced the signing of captain Ryan Getzlaf to an extension of the same term and $66 million respectively.   The both carry cap hits of over 8 million.  In addition to remaining the cornerstones of the Orange County club they helped capture the 2007 Stanley Cup, both players maximize their compensation going forward by re-upping with their current club with the 8 year term, a stipulation under the new CBA.

The Ducks currently sit second in the west with a record of 21-3-4 and have lost only 3 games in the month of March.

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