Heads Up Hockey

12:05 PM

knowing your helmet size and wearing it properly is essential to your safety as a hockey player of any age. helmets are worn to stop concussions and protect the player from any of the hazards that will no doubt occur during any players career. It is not a matter of will you get hurt? Its a matter of when will you get hurt. Any player knows injury is unavoidable in such a rough sport. No doubt the helmet is the most important piece of equipment. your helmet should not move at all once on your head and the cage should be the right size and strapped on both sides this is what holds it on your head if your unlucky enough to take a big hit. the chin strap should snug against your chin with no space,the space is what will cause the cage to come up and possibly cut or injure you. so make sure your helmet is snug and strapped while playing in a contact game and you should be alright, but having a good helmet doesn't mean you cant get hurt,always keep your head so at least you can see a hit coming.

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