Personalized Hockey Jerseys

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Everything you need to know about purchasing a personalized hockey jersey.

Devoted fans, girlfriend of devoted fans or grandma looking to give the perfect holiday gift for their favorite hockey fan should be asking about quality when buying personalized hockey jerseys. We cringe here at Hockey Boss when we see heat applied lettering on a pro player jersey. When paying top dollar for an NHL replica or even premiere style jersey, the quality of the lettering on the back of personalized hockey jerseys should be sewn, just as the pros wear. Not only does heat applied lettering peel off, there is a product that is often used to cut cost and production time that has etched stitches on the material to make it appear as if the lettering were hand sewn, but in reality, peels off, looks shiny, fake and just not up to any personalized hockey jersey standards.

Personalized Hockey Jerseys
'Sim-Stitch'  the no sew option that 'saves stitches, saves time'

From a production standpoint, who would not want to save time, save money and keep everything simple? Its a no brainer to a facility who just wants to efficiently produce an order. Their mindset is to get the order out to the customer as quickly as possible and using a product like 'sim-stitch' allows them to do that. Personalized hockey jerseys used to be business they had to turn away and now they can easily accomplish the task and make the sale. What they dont know is that after a few wears and washes those letters start to peel off. The customer is disappointed in the quality, and they end up bringing their sad, knock off personalized hockey jerseys into a hockey production facility like Hockey Boss to correct the epic mistake and have those peeling letters sewn down. 

So how does all this translate for the consumer? Its quite simple actually... You pay the same for a product that looks as if it is the real deal, but really you are being tricked. Care for a metaphor? 
Its like going into Louis Vuitton and buying a handbag that looks like a real Louis Vuitton bag, but in reality is not at all. The same leather is used, but instead of it being sewed together, its glued. Its no secret that a trip to Chinatown can get you that same bag, but the difference is you pay ten dollar. With personalized hockey jerseys, the consumer is being duped but they pay the same and receive an inferior product.

So the big question is where to get the real deal from? My first choice, where I know all orders get the same high quality sewn lettering is right here in my production facility. Orders for jerseys and sewn lettering can easily be ordered and purchased right on our website: But if you already have the jersey and just need the the lettering, or you are looking for an old, hard-to-come-by third personalized hockey jersey and we are out of that inventory and you were hoping to stay local. Start by having a conversation with the the vendors when selecting the apparel shop to do the job, be sure to bring up the following points, so you can feel confident you are getting what you paid for. 
Personalized Hockey Jerseys
Get that pro autograph on permanent sewn lettering.
Start the exchange by explaining that you are looking for vendors to get a personalized hockey jersey done. Be sure to mention that it is an replica NHL jersey you would like to have your favorite players name and player number sewn onto. If they seem to be receptive and confident ask the following questions. 

-  Do you cut the lettering in your facility? 
This is an important question because if they answer is no, you are going to want to make sure that they are not using a heat applied method, specifically the 'sim-stitch' no sew product. 
If they do in fact cut on site, tell them that you will supply them with either a link or a printout to the the lettering and color of the lettering the team using with their official jerseys so your can match exact. Also ask if a color is needed that they do not stock, will they charge a fee to order? 
How disappointed would you be if you received your personalized hockey jersey but in the wrong shade of blue or gold? Be sure to be pro active when ordering and not to assume that the vendor is a hockey fan and knows the teams colors. 

- Is the lettering sewn onto the jersey? Be sure to share your knowledge you learned here and express that you do not want a heat applied, no sew product used on your personalized hockey jerseys. Its your investment, and you will be wearing of gifting this so be sure to get what you want.

- Ask your vendor how they plan to execute your job. 
At Hockey Boss, we have two options on how to personalize hockey jerseys. After we cut the lettering, the jersey will either be sewn by hand on a sewing machine, or on our top of the line embroidery machines that can run mulitple jerseys at one time. Both methods are highly effective and suitable for the job. 

The standard pricing should be under $75-100. Keep in mind some pro teams have only one color sewn lettering (Toronto) and some have three colors (Pittsburgh). It would not be unfair if you vendor wanted to charge on the higher side for three color sewn lettering as it is triple the material and work. 

And most importantly....

Personalized Hockey Jerseys

 Enjoy the game.

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