How to Size Hockey Skates

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The important aspects on how to size hockey skates

How to size hockey skates is a learned skill that takes experience, knowledge in the brand and a whole lot of investigation! Unlike shopping for a street shoe, the look, style and brand really should have no weight in a skate purchasing decision, the most important factor is fit and feel.

vapor apx2Anyone involved or even interested in hockey today, knows that Bauer is the most sought after brand. Being involved in the business aspect of hockey, and knowing how to size a hockey skate, and doing it on a daily basis, anyone here at will tell you that most young players skate shopping want Bauer. It is no secret that it is the most popular brand right now. Endless marketing dollars allow Bauer to set themselves on top, claiming they are the best, most elite and versatile for all players. To some players they actually are the best fit for them, but if your pro shop professional knows how to size hockey skates correctly he will be able to fit you in the most comfortable and appropriate skate for your foot, regardless of the brand.
The most important aspect to consider when purchasing hockey skates is how well the skate is working for you, how comfortable the brands' skate is for your foot, and most important, finding a pro shop that you can put your trust in. In a service dependent sport as hockey, it is so important to shop at a store that is knowledgeable and can take care of your investment. Simply deciding that you want to wear the same skate as your favorite NHL player and buying them online without a proper fitting, without having your trusted pro shop professional see you walk and talk to you about your level of play could be detrimental to your game and even your feet. 

bauer skate fit

Several issues can arise if you have been fit in a skate by a shop that does not how to size a hockey skate. The biggest sign that you are in the wrong skate or wrong size skate is if your heel is constantly popping out while playing or while taking a stride. It is an indication that you are in the wrong size skate. If taken to a pro shop that knows how to size hockey skates, they will remove the foot bed from the skate and have you stand on it. At that point they will be able to diagnose if the skate is the wrong size. If you see creases in your skate, that is also an indication that the skate may be the incorrect size and is collapsing causing a crease on the side of your boot. 

These types of issues can be avoided by purchasing skates from an trusted pro shop professional that knows how to size a hockey skate. The first few questions an experienced pro shop retailer should be asking are, what type of skate are you in now. Bringing your skates to the store is also very helpful as the professional can see the wear and tear, see any creases and make adjustments from there. A sign that you know you are with someone experienced and that they know how to size a hockey skate is if they ask you how many times a week are you on the ice. This tell them a little about the type of player you are as well as the stiffness in a skate that will be required in order to hold up for the player. They will look at your feet, use a brand appropriate scale to measure your size, and take your weight into consideration as well... but the most important aspect is the conversation they will be engaging you in, trying to piece all the information you give them together to find the perfect skate for you. 

Check back soon for more blog article focused on brand specific skate fittings. 

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