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With the rising cost of hockey tuition and equipment, consumers are looking for ways to save money and clearance hockey sticks is one way to do it

Over the past ten to fifteen years, the price of hockey equipment has increased in all categories.  For example, top of the line skates have seen their retail price double in that time period.  Composite one-piece sticks have been no different.  Because of this consumers have started to bargain shop and they have seen some benefits in purchasing clearance hockey sticks.
clearance hockey sticks

The first benefit a consumer sees with clearance hockey sticks is cost.  Companies have different lines for each piece of equipment, sticks included.  In that line there are a few models, each in a specific price point.  For a new or current stick the price ranges from fifty to two hundred and seventy dollars.  There is usually a two year life cycle for each before the company changes them but in recent years some products have only had a one year cycle.  If a retailer does not sell through all of its sticks then they become discounted.  Each retailer uses their own formula to generate its sale price for clearance hockey sticks.  With a top of the line stick a consumer may save up to a hundred dollars on a stick which for the consumer can go a long way.

The second benefit a consumer sees with clearance hockey sticks is experimenting with different patterns and flexes at a reduced cost. Most companies have between three to five patterns and five to eight flexes.  A pattern is the curve and lie of the blade of a stick.  The flex is the bend in a stick as a person leans into their shot.  The higher number of flex the stiffer the stick is.  The lower the number of flex the whipper the stick is. Since clearance hockey sticks are at reduced cost, a consumer can experiment with the different blades and flexes looking for any advantage to improve their shot and in turn their overall game.  Most players try one or two curves when purchasing a stick and settle on that curve moving forward.  Clearance hockey sticks allow for a consumer to see what else is out there and see if a different curve and flex suits their game better.   

The third benefit a consumer sees with clearance hockey sticks is the warranty replacement. Companies give a thirty day warranty to their sticks.  If the consumer damages or breaks the stick within the allotted thirty days, the company will replace the stick one time with the consumer paying just the shipping and handling for sending the broken one back.  Because the stick is no longer made by the company, the consumer is sent the current model stick of equal value as a replacement for the clearance stick.

In closing, we at HockeyBoss believe consumers should start reaping the benefits of purchasing clearance hockey sticks.  It gives the player the ability to experiment with the different patterns and flexes as well the different stick companies.  Finally, it allows the player to spend the savings from the sticks on more crucial pieces of equipment.

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